The Power of Mentors: Seb Coe

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This week I am joined by one of the greatest British athletes of all time, Seb Coe – a double Olympic gold medalist during the golden era of middle-distance running, the President of World Athletics, the driving force behind London’s winning Olympic bid in 2012, and much more besides.

There’s so much we cover in this episode, from using early setbacks as fuel later in life, through to his epic Olympic triumph at Moscow in 1980, as well as the key role he played in helping London win the 2012 Olympic bid.

The theme of this episode is about the power of good mentors. Find out who his key mentors have been, the role they’ve played in his life, but also the questions to ask yourself to help get over disappointment and adversity, and the importance of trusting your intuition to come up with the goods at the key moment, as it did for him ahead of London 2012

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