The Power of 'Good Enough': Tom Curran

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Perfectionism is often seen as a desirable trait in modern society. But, the reality is, it leads to procrastination - and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and burnout. In a world that celebrates the idea of your 'Best Self', and always being better than you were yesterday – this conversation is about considering a healthier approach, one that acknowledges we are fine as we are now, and that we don’t always need to be striving for more and better.

My guest is Tom Curran, the acclaimed professor of psychology at the London school of economics and author of The Perfection Trap: The Power Of Good Enough In A World That Always Wants More. Tom explains how we are in middle of perfectionism epidemic, fueled by a consumerist society and the comparative nature of social media – and the drive to be more successful, have more followers, collect more stuff, just be more – is rife. Perfectionism stems from a belief that you are not enough now – and however much you achieve or earn, it’ll never fill the void. What’s the answer? Listen to find out...

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