Laura Massaro: Remaining Grounded

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Why avoiding sport's undoubted riches and ensuing fame - and remaining grounded and humble - can be a blessing. Laura was the world's number one squash player and its World Champion. However, squash doesn't get the attention of some other sports, and is overlooked by the International Olympic Committee time and again. Using her mantra 'life can only be understood backwards', Laura has come to see that avoiding the fame and fortune associated with being World Champion in certain other sport's can be a blessing. Laura talks about not losing your identity in what you do, choosing to be outside your comfort zone continually and seeking feedback - even when it is painful to receive. We discuss 'ego' - what it is and how to keep it in check and why short term pain for long term gain is often well worth it. Laura's book is called 'All in: Becoming World Champion'

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