How To Get What You Really Want: Ben Hunt-Davis

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How can you get what you really want? You may think it is the job, the relationship, the house or the substance you want - but fundamentally we all desire to be happy and feel fulfilled, and to avoid suffering. How we believe we will get those will differ for all of us. How then do we give ourselves the best chance of getting what we want, in any area of life?

This week's conversation is with Ben Hunt-Davis of 'Will It Make The Boat Go Faster' fame. Ben won Olympic gold at his third Games, having finished way down the field in both of his first two attempts. With two years left of his decade long pursuit of Olympic gold, Ben finally changed tac. By focusing specifically on the one thing that gave him the best chance of getting what he wanted, he was able to fulfil his dreams. He has since taken his Life Lessons into every other area of his life.

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