Dissolve Barriers to Happiness: Peter Crone

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How to transcend needless suffering & discover true happiness - with 'the Mind Architect'

Above everything else, people want to feel happy – and to experience freedom from suffering. It’s not the car, the promotion or the relationship we really want – it’s the happiness we believe we will derive from it. But what if the very act of seeking happiness is exactly what is stopping us from experiencing true happiness?

That is the essence of this week’s conversation with Peter Crone. He calls himself the Mind Architect, and says his work is not about solving problems, but about dissolving them. You see, the brain is a prediction making machine. So, it creates problems at the level of thought, and then goes about trying to solve the imagined problem at the very same level at which it has been created. As you hopefully can see, that’s not a recipe for success.

The answer lies in enquiring into the places where we appear not to be free, and questioning the reality of those assumptions. That is the nature of the game of life.

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