Developing a growth mindset: Tony Stanger

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"People will remember how you made them feel, not what you said."

This week's conversation is with the man who scored the most famous try in Scottish rugby history – Tony Stanger. He touched the ball down to secure Scotland the Five Nations Grand Slam in 1990 against England. Since retiring – Tony spent 7 years developing talent through the Scottish institute of sport and now runs a company coaching people in business – using many of the lessons he has learnt from his life in sport.

The theme of this conversation is about developing a growth mindset, and we talk about the power language and carefully calibrated questions, not letting what other people say and believe limit your own potential, the importance of self-regulation, how to promote the 5 key growth mindset behaviours and much more besides. Tony has studied Carol Dweck’s work on fixed and growth mindsets and written his own book factoring in many of its findings for parents specifically called Red Dot parenting.

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