Chrissie Wellington: Intuition

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The power of tapping into our internal guidance system - and trusting that it will take us where we need to go. Chrissie Wellington is one of the greatest athletes of all time: a four-time Ironman World Champion who broke the world record and retired undefeated. More importantly, Chrissie is a humble, kind and generous person (which is not always true of people who have reached such lofty heights!). Chrissie wasn't one of these athletes who set a goal to become World Champion aged eight and then went on to achieve it. She bobbed and weaved - and had the courage to listen to her intuition and follow it - and her meandering route to success culminated in her becoming a World Champion. As Chrissie says, we all have that intuition within us. Many of us can't hear it - while others do hear it but choose to ignore it. Some do listen to their intuition, trust it and follow it - and Chrissie is a living embodiment of what is possible when you do that. We also talk about connection, what we can learn from children, the stories we tell ourselves and the innate and intrinsic value we all have as human beings, regardless of what we do. Chrissie has two fantastic new books out for children: "You're so strong (The joy in simple)" and "You're so amazing". Both highly recommended.

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