Are you coming for Love or Fear: Katie Warriner

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"Why do we always have to be better than yesterday? If it's because you feel like you're not enough as you are - let's talk about that"

Katie Warriner is a performance psychologist who has worked with a dazzling array of top sportspeople, including many of my previous guests.

From the likes of Headspace Founder Andy Puudicombe through to the legendary Olympic gold medal winning hockey team of 2016 – including Kate and Helen Richardson Walsh, Alex Danson and Danny Kerry – as well as Laurence Halstead of the True Athlete Project. All of them say that Katie is an extraordinary psychologist, and after speaking to her – it is very clear why.

The theme of this episode is about – are you coming from a place of love or fear? So, are you trying to achieve 'success' to become somebody special, in other words from a place of fear and lack, or are you doing what you are doing as an expression of love and exploration?

We also discuss how the self-improvement path is ultimately a recognition that you were fine all along. And Katie questions the whole narrative of what success is – and why achievement in and of itself isn’t impressive, it’s asking yourself – how are you going to use that to contribute to the wellbeing of others and the world.

And it won’t surprise you to hear that Katie joined forces with someone who has used his platform to do exactly that Marcus Rashford – to help write his book You are a Champion.

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