Make every day a good day: Henry Fraser

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Could the keys to making every day a good day basically come down to three things: acceptance, presence and gratitude? This week's guest says so. His name is Henry Fraser, a best-selling painter, best-selling author and highly in-demand public speaker. When he was seventeen years old – Henry’s life changed in a moment when he was paralysed from the shoulders down after breaking his neck diving into the sea in Portugal. In the weeks that followed, he nearly died several times - but Henry’s hardest moment actually came a few months after his accident when he first caught sight of his reflection. He experienced a profound breakdown, swiftly followed by a breakthrough that started the process of him becoming the man he is today.

Before his accident, despite being an academy rugby player for Saracens, Henry described himself as being quite fearful and anxiety prone – a glass half empty kind of guy – but he’s definitely not any more. The lessons Henry shares about the power of acceptance, presence and gratitude are so profound and simple to understand. These are the key skills any of us can develop to live a good and happy life, whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in

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